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A window of opportunity for an artistic collaboration

The confinement stopped my work as a painter. My perception of this world is turned upside down, the intimate plays with the universality of our confinements, our fears, our struggles.

Fenêtre sur Paris, G.Thierry, 2020

An idea imposed itself : the window as a representation of our expectations, our hope of freedom. This opening suddenly become the place of our expression and new encounters.

In art, the window is a subject in its own. We could take a pencil, a sheet, draw the « views » of our windows and share it on our social networks. A project for grown-ups and children.

Our graphic interpretations would constitute a mosaic of our new world.


Please do not hesitate to participate and to share !


This window, a doorway to the outside world, is very precious. We look at it – through it – differently. Like at a mirror to which we project our expectations, our hopes.

It becomes a place of expression: we sing, applaud the front-line healthcare soldiers, we communicate, we share musical and artistic moments, we celebrate life.


Gabrielle Thierry, Marsh 2020