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University of Burgundy, Octobre 13th 2023 – Dijon, France

Centre Interlangues Teste-Image-Langage (TIL EA 4182)

At the invitation of the University of Burgundy, a conference and an exhibition #sketchyourwindow (#dessinetafenetre) are organized on October 13th 2023 dedicated to the works and drawings we produced during the pandemic.

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FENETRES / WINDOWS – Autumn Days of the SFPE-AT, December 17,18 and 19, 2021 – Paris, France

Organized by the French Society of Psychopathology and Art Therapy

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On what singular space does the window open, what interstice between the outside and the inside does it create? Gaston Bachelard, in The Poetics of Space (1957), describes it as the border between the beyond and the inside. How are the artistic gesture and the clinical practice articulated to this singular space, neither completely outside nor completely inside, and which circulates the glances which from the interior, which from the exterior?

Saturday, December 18 at 8:30 am, presentation of the #sketchyourwindow project in the session dedicated to Windows in the art therapy device.

Drawing as an immediate expression of our contemporary lives has filled a void of expression, interaction, escape and sharing in the face of loneliness and uncertainty. We will see how the window has illuminated our inner lives in this stopped time. A subject in its own right in art, rethinking the window during confinement was a singular but essential invitation.

The exhibition #dessinetafenetre, another look at the Media Library , Palais des Arts – Vannes

From May 28 to August 25, 2021

The Media Library website

The story of this exhibition

TRANS-DIGITAL , IESA & Chicago University – Paris

Transitions and transformations of the « arts and culture » sectors in the light of the pandemic (2020-2021)

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Colloque Thursday, May 27, 2021, 9:30am-5:30pm
Organized by Pascale Rihouet (IESA arts&culture)

11:45 am – Creating and exhibiting in the midst of confinement, from social networks to the museum: the #dessinetafenetre / #sketchyourwindow project

Exhibition in France – Musée des beaux-arts, La Cohue, Vannes

The exhibition will not receive the public !

Avril 2021

To see, to read, to discover this first exhibition on lockdown remained confined, this way

During the period of disruption caused by the initial lockdown, the artist Gabrielle Thierry extended an invitation on social networks that was like a breath of fresh air. She called on people to draw what they saw from their windows….. (suite)

A window of opportunity for an artistic collaboration

January 2021

The exhibition #dessinetafenêtre at the Musée des beaux Arts, La Cohue, in Vannes is waiting to open its doors. A confined exhibition to testify to the universality of our confinements.

The year 2021 begins with new strategies to defeat the virus but many uncertainties remain. The pandemic is still present and many countries are returning to more stringent lockdown. We are once again behind our windows for a while.

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Novembre 2020

The #sketchyourwindow project was launched during the first lockdown in March 2020

The Musée des beaux-arts La Cohue de Vannes  is organising the exhibition of the original works, and will open its doors on December, 2020. We hope that the Museum will be allowed to receive the public, even in a highly regulated way. We will give you the details very soon.

In many countries, including France, many of us are confined again, with restrictions whose stringency may vary from one country to another.

We can share here other drawings, watercolours and paintings « around » the window . Here in France, winter is approaching and the windows will remain closed most of the time. We could share these new moments of waiting and their effects, for some of us with weariness, by drawing our lives next to our windows.

To work, write, read, draw, cook or even to do some crafts, we may have moved the table or the desk next to the window.

I was very inspired by the painting of his desk by the French artist Renefer. The whole personality of the artist can be seen, his tools and products for drawing, painting and engraving displayed in front of the window. The light coming through the window gives life to this desk.

Le Sidaner, Van Gogh, Bonnard, Vuillard, Picasso and many other artists have painted their table in front of the window.

I suggest that we continue our #sketchyourwindow (#dessinetafenetre) project with the view through the window and design our desk, table, workbench or worktop.

I hope that you will like the idea and that we will continue to share more of our confined life on #sketchyourwindow.

Marsh 2020

The confinement stopped my work as a painter. My perception of this world is turned upside down, the intimate plays with the universality of our confinements, our fears, our struggles.

Fenêtre sur Paris, G.Thierry, 2020

An idea imposed itself : the window as a representation of our expectations, our hope of freedom. This opening suddenly become the place of our expression and new encounters.

In art, the window is a subject in its own. We could take a pencil, a sheet, draw the « views » of our windows and share it on our social networks. A project for grown-ups and children.

Our graphic interpretations would constitute a mosaic of our new world.


Please do not hesitate to participate and to share !


This window, a doorway to the outside world, is very precious. We look at it – through it – differently. Like at a mirror to which we project our expectations, our hopes.

It becomes a place of expression: we sing, applaud the front-line healthcare soldiers, we communicate, we share musical and artistic moments, we celebrate life.


Gabrielle Thierry, Marsh 2020