#dessinetafenetre #skectchyourwindow

Until MAY, 7, 2021

Constrained by restrictions to fight the pandemic, the museum will open its doors as soon as possible and will end on May 7th. Many thanks to the entire museum team for its investment in this exhibition project.

To be patient, we suggest that everyone take a pencil, draw the view from their window and share it.

Also, here are some photos of the installation


During the period of disruption caused by the initial lockdown, the artist Gabrielle Thierry extended an invitation on social networks that was like a breath of fresh air. She called on people to draw what they saw from their windows. Over several weeks, this symbol of our link with the outside world became a space of transition, the stage where our dreams, expectations and aspirations were played out.

More than 250 virtual images from participants of all ages across the world were brought together on the web as a result. Vannes Museum of Fine Art has decided to pursue this venture and to transform the array of windows into a unique display. This exhibition differs from others offered by the museum: here the works of the artists – amateur and professional alike – are hung together. Their assembled drawings and paintings form a kaleidoscope that reflects the plurality of first-hand experiences.

The space you are about to discover is also intended as an invitation to mirror this creative spirit and to experiment with the magic of drawing. Reflecting the wonderful dynamism of the original initiative, the museum is relaying a simple message that opens up limitless horizons: drawing is a liberating tool.

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Presentation of #dessinetafenetre’s partners present in this exhibition :

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In this pandemic circumstance that the world is going through, it was proposed to reflect on “the landscape in the times of the coronavirus” (COVID-19), through images that allow us to express the situation we are experiencing. The objective is related to the possibility of providing a space to express and share landscapes from the condition of isolation (physical, mental, emotional), within the framework of this global health crisis, in connection with the environment in which each person lives, from a landscape perspective and with an environmental perspective. The call encouraged reflection at a global level. 412 applications (photo, sketch, painting, collage,etc.) were received from 31 countries, of which the jury selected 52 works and one winner.

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« How could we feel more together while being apart? Where might we look for inspiration and joy in isolation, while facing the unknown?

Like many others, we asked ourselves these questions when COVID-19 impacted our communities. We considered how our global design firm could stay connected and inspired as we adjusted to the new reality of working remotely. So we posed a challenge to our SOM colleagues—designers, architects, planners, and creatives around the world. Taking a cue from artist Matteo Pericoli’s drawings of the views from the windows of famous New Yorkers, we asked our colleagues to illustrate what they saw while working from home.

We’re proud to share a small selection of the drawings in this #SketchYourWindow/DessineTaFenetre exhibition. Thanks to all of our SOM artists and exhibition hosts.

  • And all the participants from 24 pays, whose lives are still being disrupted by the pandemic

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