As a painter, and after numerous studies of forms and colors, my research led me to the representation of the music on the canvas, and its links to the landscape.

My emotions are linked to colored and musical harmonies (an interaction of senses called synesthesia).

Also, I created numbers of new cultural projects to propose art experimentations to many publics.

This new project is universal.

With the participation of all, artists or amateurs, which are passionate believers in pencil strokes, colors, graphic expressions, of all ages, and from all countries.

Let’s share our look, Let’s leave a trace

Two websites are available :
– English :
– and French :
in order for confined people from all over the world to participate.

Sum of singular looks on our confined world, this gallery has been realized with sketches from artists and amateurs I invited to exhibit. I appreciate their drawings or paintings from the view of their window. These spontaneous drawings bring us together and look like us.

Also, all external initiatives are welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us:

Details portrait on the dedicated website :